We believe that all organizations and companies need to take responsibility to contribute to the journey towards a sustainable society

For us, this means creating innovative solutions and influencing the development of society in a positive and sustainable direction. We help companies and stakeholders who want to realize their ideas, dreams, and visions. Together, we create the structure, methods, and tools to achieve a more sustainable industry. Our sustainability work is based on our brand promise - we optimize the interaction between human, technology, and business united with social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

With a combination of a good understanding of the client's operations, change management, and how technology can be applied for digitalization, automation, and efficiency, we can take a holistic approach to identify changes that should occur and in what way, from both a technical and organizational perspective. In this way, we can drive and develop the industry's most important future initiatives and capabilities in the right direction.

At Sigholm, our keywords permeate what we do within the business, in our assignments, but also towards our environment. "Dare to make a difference" is one of our keywords, aligning with how we want to work towards the UN's 17 global sustainability goals.

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We believe in the long-term development of our staff members abilities because we are the ones who build the company together. Therefore, we work hard to create an inclusive and transparent culture that makes our employees want to continue to improve together through all periods of life. If we feel good, we perform well, and then Sigholm will be good too!

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Listen to Niclas Sigholm talk about our work approach in a podcast about workplace health

It's always exciting when our work methods and organization are noticed by other curious individuals who want to learn more about us. Niclas Sigholm is a guest on the Health for Wealth podcast, where he talks about the fundamentals of our culture, why we've chosen the path we have, and the advantages we experience. Listen to the episode here!

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Recruitment Process

For us, it's just as important that you choose us as it is for us to choose you. We all need different conditions to be challenged and develop, and in the recruitment process, we try to see if what you need matches what we can offer and if we can be the right fit for each other. This is why we spend a lot of time in our recruitment process getting to know you as a person and understanding what is important for you to thrive and develop. No two recruitments are the same as we strive to have genuine and interesting conversations about you and what matters to us and our surroundings.

A values-driven company

Regardless of the role you're applying for or your previous background, we believe it's important that we are united around our fundamental values and philosophy within the company. We are a values-driven company and are nothing more and nothing less than our collective abilities and strengths. Wanting to be part of that journey and taking responsibility through your self-leadership is crucial for you to thrive at Sigholm. One of our core values is 'feedback is a right.' Therefore, don't be surprised if we provide feedback on what we appreciate and where there might be development potential already in your application. Another core value is 'share with care.' For us, this means being as transparent as possible in our information sharing. Together, these two principles mean that we strive to provide as much honest feedback as we can about our perception and any concerns during the process.

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  • Step 1. Submit your application

    It all starts with you submitting your application to us, which can include information on why you think Sigholm is a suitable workplace for you. Also, remember to submit the material in the language the job advertisement is written in, as it's often tailored to the specific role and the needs of our clients and workplace. This provides us with a good starting point.

  • Step 2. We process your application

    Once we've reviewed your application, you'll always receive a response from us regardless of the outcome. If we choose to proceed in the process, the next step is one or two interviews. These can take place over the phone, digitally, or at one of our offices. The interviewers are usually individuals who will be part of your future workgroup. We hope this gives you a picture of your future colleagues and answers any questions you may have about the company, work methods, and role.

  • Step 3. Interview

    The purpose of the interviews is to delve into what we call Sigholm's DNA, which consists of our core values and abilities. Therefore, one of the conversations will focus on our core values, and another will test the abilities we believe are key to becoming a value-creating team member. To make the abilities more concrete for both you and us, you often have to complete a task or case tailored to the requirements of your specific role. After completing the task, we then reflect together on how the core values were exemplified in the assignment.

  • Step 4. A first visit

    Because we have a flat organization and shared responsibility that relies heavily on self-leadership, it's important that you enjoy working with your workgroup but also with other roles within the company. Therefore, later in the process, we'd like you to visit us and perhaps have lunch with more of your future colleagues. If, after discussing competencies, values, dreams, goals, and the future, we feel that we are truly a good match, we finalize the recruitment by discussing details about the position and the setup.

  • Step 5. Welcome to Sigholm

    Once you've signed a contract with us, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know us better, and we'd like you to become part of the team as soon as you can and want to. Even before your first real day, you're invited to join our collective activities, participate in our communication channels, and engage in our regular competence development. We do this to make it easier for you to integrate into the team and our work methods. Moreover, we find it exciting to welcome you as soon as possible and hope you'll appreciate it too.

  • Step 6. Onboarding

    As your first day approaches, your onboarding begins. We tailor it based on when you start, if we have many new colleagues at the same time, and other conditions related to your role. We have prepared and standardized as much as we can of the practical and administrative tasks that come with starting a new job so that you quickly become self-sufficient, while having many supportive colleagues to turn to. Not least, you will receive support from your own PEP. Your mentor at Sigholm ensures to motivate and support you a little extra at the beginning of your employment but will also follow your career and development in the long run. This allows us more time to focus on rewarding discussions about development and skill exchange. Onboarding is also a way for you to meet many new colleagues from all parts of the company, giving you an overview of the breadth of skills we have and, of course, the opportunity to get to know your new team. On your very first day, for example, you get to participate in our internal podcast!

    Usually, onboarding takes place intensively over about three weeks where you get to meet all parts of the organization, be introduced to our ways of working, and reflect on themes tailored to your role. In other cases, it has been spread out more low-intensity over the first months. It has occurred in larger groups or more individually. However, the goal is always the same - we want you to have an educational and developmental start with us.

Our guiding principles

We all contribute to the culture, and our guiding principles help shape it together by permeating our behaviors and being reflected in our structures, routines, and processes.

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Our Abilities

At Sigholm, we have identified several key skills crucial to creating value for ourselves, our customers, and our surroundings. We guide our customers from often undefined situations to a concrete goal, making the following skills particularly important to us.

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Working at Sigholm

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At Sigholm, we believe in developing skills in the long term to build the company together. Through shared reflections, we create a culture of continuous learning.

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