Our digital platform helps your business to sort, analyze and propose how the production facilities should be run for optimal operation

Both energy system engineers and system developers with many years of experience in the industry work behind Aurora by Sigholm, who together with you can refine the production data according to your specific needs.

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With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, a better production planning is created that takes into account the next week's electricity prices, heat demand and fixed assets and optimizes production accordingly.


Cross-border communication between management and operating personnel. Aurora by Sigholm gives you a clear communication platform where information is shared between shift teams and management for a holistic view of the facilities.


By simulating different types of operating cases, the staff can be prepared to act when planned and unplanned events occur. At the same time as financial analyzes can be done and thus obtain good data that promotes decentralized decisions.


By comparing the outcome data with the subsequently optimal energy production, a clear and educational basis is obtained for the staff to constantly develop in motivating environments.

We have the ambition to make the world better together

At Sigholm, we believe in developing skills in the long term to build the company together. Through shared reflections, we create a culture of continuous learning.

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Nov 30, 2023 | News | News & press

Leveraging CSRD to create business value

In early 2024, the requirements for all large companies' sustainability reporting will be tightened, and most energy companies will be directly affected. The EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will become Swedish law and will, among other things, give sustainability reporting t

Sep 08, 2023 | News & press | Press release

Sigholm increases its workforce by 24%

Sigholm, a prominent player in the energy and civil engineering sector, announces a 24% growth in personnel by welcoming 12 new colleagues within a month. This strengthens the company's capacity and expertise to meet the growing challenges of the market.

Aug 29, 2023 | News | News & press

Energistrategipodden live at Frihamnsdagarna 2023

On Friday 1 September, we will broadcast the first live podcast of the Energy Strategy Podcast during the Frihamnsdagarna in Gothenburg. During the recording, Niclas Sigholm will interview Per-Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Göteborg Energi for an in-depth interview about future energy solutions and susta

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