Processes and products for sustainable development

We help energy companies create sustainable investments and competitive pricing

We support the energy companies all the way from the fuel purchase, through the plant, to the end customer's invoice with inquiries and project management to make sustainable investments and create competitive pricing. The best for the customer, the plant and the end customer

Production planning

Support and follow-up of the daily, short-term and long-term (production plan).

Price model

Evaluation of existing price model, development of new model and support for implementation of new price model.


Examination of data from the district heating network for identification of weak points (with) visualization for increased understanding.

Data Analysis

Examination of production data for identification of improvement measures in the plant for better plant and environmental performance.

Pilot study

Development of investigative documentation for new and reinvestment in the (plant).

Fuel planning

Support for planning and purchasing fuel with regard to storage options and access.

Operation and maintenance support

Operational support and management of operations and maintenance-related issues such as audit management, plant improvements, rounding (and daily operations).

Katja Kononova
Kristoffer Hermansson
Per Kihlstrom

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