We design experiences that connect with people

We help energy companies to be relevant, interesting and engaging. We succeed by challenging traditional marketing and information with a strong focus - and belief - on content.

With combined expertise in communication, storytelling and film production, we help cooperations to communicate to their customers and employees with content that engages and inspires.

Graphic design

We offer a variety of graphic solutions to our customers. Everything from logos and graphic elements to graphic profiles.

Film production

We create animated-, documentation-, educational films and commercials that are tailored to your channels and audiences.

Branding & Graphic Profile

We help you develop a graphic framework in comprehensive, medium or large profile packages.

PR & Internal Communication

We help you reach the right target group with the right message to support the business plan and achieve goals.


We help you with most types of printed matter such as product sheets, brochures, catalogs or advertisements.

Annual Reports

We help you create an attractive layout to attract the reader's interest in the company.

Henric Simonsen
Digital Marknadsförare
Melinda Danielsson
Grafisk Designer
Jennie Sträng

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