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Interaction between human, technology and business

Management - Implementing excellence

A rapidly changing environment is fueling the need for change in most organisations. Sigholm has extensive experience of both aiding the analysis and creating clear goals but also implementing organizational and process transformation programs.

Digital Solutions - Meet the future with new technology

The energy industry faces major challenges to optimize their systems to meet tomorrow's needs and requirements. At Sigholm Optimization and Digital Solutions, we help our clients in power and heat production to meet challenges of today and tomorrow.


We help energy companies to be relevant, interesting and engaging. We succeed by challenging traditional marketing and information with a strong focus - and belief - on content.

Energy systems - Processes and products for sustainable development.

We support the energy companies all the way from the fuel purchase, through the plant, to the end customer's invoice with inquiries and project management to make sustainable investments and create competitive pricing. The best for the customer, the plant and the end customer

Project management - We build the sustainable society of tomorrow.

Sigholm Project Management takes on the complex projects with very high demands on leadership, communicative ability and follow-up. This is something that we have a long experience of and that has made us have a large network of contacts in the industry. Working actively with all stakeholders in such large projects that we are part of is absolutely crucial. Good planning and fact-driven follow-up allow everyone to see the same picture and find ways forward.


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