About us

Your partner for development projects in society and energy

For a better tomorrow. Both locally and globally. Both now, but also for the future.

With a combination of insight in the clients’ operations, change management and how to apply technology we help create automated processes efficiently. We take a holistic view of the need of development both from a technical and organizational standpoint. In such, we lead some of the industry's most important future investments.


Our mission is to contribute to an efficient industry that enables sustainable communities.


Our vision is to drive and develop the industry's most important future initiatives and abilities - with committed employees who are happy and proud of their workplace.

By creating a clear corporate culture where everyone can participate, we create a workplace that is difficult to replace.

A clear culture that makes it possible to successfully develop and challenge the employees that leads to us becoming attractive in the market and contributing to a strong brand. The right person in the right place with the right knowledge and will create the best conditions for the business and dedicated employees. Individual development promotes the balance between different competence profiles. People who feel good perform well. A variety of ideas creates new thinking and forward thinking. The ambition to find and together do something better. A workplace to be proud of.

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Sveavägen 88, 113 59 Stockholm
Info@sigholm.se | 021-12 03 10


Kopparbergsvägen 8, 722 13 Västerås
Info@sigholm.se | 021-12 03 10


Sven Hultins gata 9C, 412 58 Göteborg
info@sigholm.se | 021-12 03 10